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Profitable Follow Up Systems

Customer Engaging Follow Up Systems

Customer Engaging Follow Up Systems

Customer Engaging Follow Up Systems in 11 Seconds or Less, What?

Unbelievable but true!

Set back, and be prepared to be amazed, to be truthful when we first heard about this we couldn’t believe it either. Our reaction was much the same as yours, however once we realized they were telling the truth. I was truly amazed to say the least.

Let’s bring this full circle, and discuss how this discovery came about, for the last 17 years I’ve been in the business of providing quality and profitable leads for my clients.  Knowing you stay in business longer if you make sure your clients reap abundant profits off of the services you provide. So as I would sell them the leads I would ad them to my tips and tricks mailing list. Giving them detailed instructions on how to develop client engaging follow up systems, so they could turn the leads I provided for them in to life time customers and in time they wouldn’t need to buy leads from me any longer.

That was ok, because when you do business this way  the referral business you get far out ways, the loss of a happy client, besides they would expand and find new ways to use my services in other avenues as well. I found something very disturbing though, the majority of my clients were not taking my advice and developing these follow up systems I was detailing for them.

When I questioned them as to why? Holy molly the excuses you wouldn’t believe it, truth be known, was they wouldn’t take the time, because they were afraid they would lose a customer, that spending money at that moment, and they figured if they tried to get them to assist them in setting up a follow up system, the customer would become annoyed and walk out and not spending anything at all.

As you can see this was quite disturbing, I couldn’t believe they would let all of those future profits walk out out the door. After running several surveys the core issues were about the same, so I started looking and looking for an answer. I could see a new avenue of leads starting to develop through WiFi because every where you go people are asking do you have WiFi to the store owners, I’m not talking about just restaurants, and venues like that, I mean everywhere, from Pep Boys to Walmart.

Problem for all of my clients, yes this could mean more business for them, but how could they justify the cost of installing WiFi, would it bring in enough customers because they have to offset the cost and actually turn a profit off of it. It was iffy at best.

In my search I met a Man in Canada that had the answers I was looking for, and it solved a couple of issues all at the same time. One it solved the problem of how to make money off WiFi, but more importantly it solved the follow up issues my clients were having.

Seems when you login to the WiFi, that the store provides for free, they can ask the WiFi user to allow them to send them their specials and good deals, in exchange for providing the free WiFi, so problem solved, customers are glad to give the follow up information in exchange for the free WiFI.

I now have many very happy customers, they are diligently working their follow up systems to put me out of the Lead generation business, Oh by the way they do send me tons of clients, in exchange for my helping me solve their cash flow problems.

David J





How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

This is the question most often ask, and the best answer would fantastic.

However that is a little unfair, since you know very little about this new way of developing lasting relationships with your clients, plus having a natural social side to the system, it makes you a household name among their friends as well.

The system is quite simplistic by design, but don’t let that fool you, it has tremendous engaging power. To keep this simple I’ll list each feature and then explain the benefit to you as a client, right after.

1. It sets up a pack with you and your customer, one which your customer gladly agrees to, and that is exchange of giving you follow up information in order to get the free WiFi.

2. Once this pack is set up you have all of the information you need to email, text, call or write. In order to start developing a long term relationship with this client.

3. The type of information you can send them is tips and tricks on how to get much more value out of the product or service you sold them, in exchange they will allow you to send your promotional items from time to time.

4. If you are diligent in your follow up making sure they receive  real value from the things you offer, the referrals you will get will out way in cost or expense that is involved, however these are the least expensive way to make new sales you can ask for.







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